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Building Pipelines with the SDK

Use the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK to build components and pipelines

Introduction to the Pipelines SDK

Overview of using the SDK to build components and pipelines

Install the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK

Setting up your Kubeflow Pipelines development environment

Build Components and Pipelines

Building your own component and adding it to a pipeline

Create Reusable Components

A detailed tutorial on creating components that you can use in various pipelines

Build Lightweight Python Components

Building your own lightweight pipelines components from Python

Best Practices for Designing Components

Designing and writing components for Kubeflow Pipelines

Pipeline Parameters

Passing data between pipeline components

Python Based Visualizations

Predefined and custom visualizations of pipeline outputs

Visualize Results in the Pipelines UI

Visualizing the results of your pipelines component

Pipeline Metrics

Export and visualize pipeline metrics

DSL Static Type Checking

Statically check the component I/O types

DSL Recursion

Author a recursive function in DSL

GCP-specific Uses of the SDK

SDK features that are available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) only

Manipulate Kubernetes Resources as Part of a Pipeline

Overview of using the SDK to manipulate Kubernetes resources dynamically as steps of the pipeline