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Kubeflow on AWS Features

Reasons to use Kubeflow on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Running Kubeflow on Amazon EKS brings the following optional and configurable features:

  • You can manage your Amazon EKS cluster provisioning with eksctl and easily choose between multiple compute and GPU worker node configurations.
  • You can manage ingress traffic with the AWS ALB Ingress Controller.
  • You can leverage the Amazon FSx CSI driver to manage Lustre file systems which are optimized for compute-intensive workloads, such as high-performance computing and machine learning. Amazon FSx can scale to hundreds of GBps of throughput and millions of IOPS.
  • Centralized and unified Kubernetes cluster logs in Amazon CloudWatch, which helps with debugging and troubleshooting.
  • You can enable TLS and Authentication with AWS Certificate Manager and AWS Cognito.
  • You can enable Private Access for your Kubernetes cluster’s API server endpoint.
  • Your Kubeflow on AWS deployment automatically detects GPU worker nodes and installs the NVIDIA Device Plugin.

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