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Registration Flow

The view that allows you to set up your first namespace in the cluster

Your Kubeflow deployment comes deployed with Kubeflow Central Dashboard.

This view will show when the cluster is:

  • When in multi-user isolation mode:
    • Your user has no profile (workgroup / namespace) role-bindings in which you’re admin (Owner)
  • When in single-user isolation mode:
    • The entire cluster has no profile (workgroup / namespace) role-bindings

This guide shows you what this view looks like and how the flow appears.

Quick guide

Summary of steps:

  1. Follow the Kubeflow getting-started guide to set up your Kubeflow deployment and open the Kubeflow UI.
  2. If the registration flow view shows up (because the conditions above are satisfied), follow the guide below, else your network should be good to use as is


  1. On page load the Registration View opens up
    • This view will walk you through creating the first workgroup binding for your user or cluster (depending on isolation-mode)
  2. Since you don’t have an owned namespace, we will create one
    • IE. the user does not have admin profile/workgroup binding for a namespace
  3. A default name for your new namespace is auto-filled in the input box (the default name is your LDAP)
    • LDAP for an email like would be kubeflow-user
    • If there are errors on this step, like invalid name or namespace already exists, you will see an error and the input box will turn red, you can then try again
  4. Once you successfully create the namespace, you should be greeted the Kubeflow Dashboard overview page


Kubeflow registration flow